Sunday, January 1, 2012

No Yarn Was Harmed During the Making of this Blog

I made white wine sangria today.  I was tipsy after only two glasses and promptly passed out on the couch.

I spent way too long in Michaels today, trying to decide what yarn to purchase.  They had a 50% sale on Country Loom, and I loaded my basket with 10 skeins of it, imagining I would knit an afghan.  However, this yarn reminds me too much of Homespun and  I had a terrible time trying to knit with it.  I put it all back and moved onto a new Bernat yarn called Waverly, which had the most beautiful colors and was so soft.  I couldn't think of a pattern to make with it so I put it back too (although by searching their website, I found a beautiful pattern so I might be going back to purchase it).  I ended up going with the Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn (acrylic) in order to make my favorite ripple stitch afghan.

I'm still working on my second slouchy hat.  I hope I can finish it before Tuesday because the temperature is supposed to drop on Tuesday.  Hoping this hat will fit better than my first attempt in cotton.

Macy in the middle of my knitting
Tomorrow, Mr. Grumpbump gets his pool table (another Craigslist find).  The delivery company is not only going to move it for him but they will also re-felt it. I believe it's got a green felt now, but Mr. Grumpbump is going to have it re-done in a wine felt.  I'm happy for him because he's very excited about it.

I'm going to take all of my leftover stash yarn and start knitting an oddball blanket. I must be saving these remnants for something, right?  I also have a drawer full of leftover sock yarn but I don't know what I can do with it. I'll have to search Google and Ravelry for ideas on how to de-stash this.

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