Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dirty is Perpetual; Clean is a Pipe Dream

Explain to me why my house cannot stay clean for more than a few days? And just because it's not clean (in the sense that I would not want company over), doesn't automatically put you in the "dirty" category. I prefer the term "messy", as in I need to pick up my clothes (on the floor) and I need to put away the dishes (at least I managed to wash them). And when you work six days a week, spending your only day off cleaning up is not really something to look forward to.

My favorite quick clean routine consists of Febreeze, $1 Store Orange Wipes, and my Ipod. Febreeze is the greatest invention; it gives the illusion of clean without any strenuous work. If I could just apply those principles to my own life. No more poochy belly - just spray! All my electronic components working in harmony -just spray. Irony is that I can get rid of poochy belly because stereo/playstation/wii/hd tuner refuse to work in tandem and I'm constantly up and down trying to plug/unplug components as necessary.

And why do I live in the remotest part of the world where I get no over-the-air HD channels? I have a gift for picking out places to live with limited access to electronic media. And how did I go from talking about my housekeeping abilities to my HD-dysfunction?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Lie Down With The Dogs, Get Up With A Black Eye?

The first game of the soccer season was yesterday, the Over-30 Division C League, that is. I brought the camera to get some action shots, but I was not that quick on the draw. I ended up with shots of guys standing around waiting for the ball to come to them.

The best part was when Steve shoved an opposing player for no reason, causing the crowd to call him a "hot head". Turns out that the ball smacked Steve in the eye and he was pushing the opponent from him because he couldn't see. Of course, I missed that shot, too.

The Dirt Dogs (Steve's team) lost 2-1. Steve walked away with a cool black eye, instead of some lame non-visual and therefore not very believeable injury.

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