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Pecks of Peppers

I got a plant from my office for Administrative Professional's Day, the politically correct term for for the commonly-known Secretary's Day.  The plant is a type of ivy and it's dying.  I put it inside, it withers.  I put it outside, it continues the death spiral. I water.  No change.  I spritz it with water.  Yep, you guessed it.
However, Mr. Grumpbump seems to have a way with the plants (as he does with the cats, who love him so much more than me).  He started planting all kinds of everything once we bought the house.  There is no real plan to what he is doing.  I know he enjoys color, so anything with a bloom brightens his day.
Although our area has suffered from lack of rainfall, Mr. G has managed to keep some of his garden alive and thriving.

But Mr. G's real promise seems to be with vegetables.  He admittedly went a bit beserk planting peppers because we must have 50 of them growing and so many more flowering.  The majority of the pepper plants are sweet peppers …

Friday Night I Said I'm Sorry

I am sorry for neglecting this blog for so long.  I have tried to write a posting several times in the last week or so, but I lose interest so quickly.   I think I have a lot to say but when I'm staring at the computer screen nothing motivates my fingers to move over the keys.

It's Friday night and I had a long, ugly day at work.  I left around 5:30 and hurried home.  Mr. Grumpbump and I made a trip to Michaels.  I bought baby yarn because I'm knitting a baby blanket for Mr. Grumpbump's niece, who is having her first baby this fall (she's having a boy).  While it's true that I have a stash of baby yarn from the last blanket I knitted, I fell in love with some beautiful blue and green skeins of yarn.  I really dislike the Michaels that is close to my home.  The yarn section is always so messy and under-stocked.  I wish there was a Hobby Lobby nearby.  The only one in my town is near my office but generally I have a hard time leaving for lunch.   It is my new fa…