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Projects On The Side

You may think I've forgotten or abandoned my knitting. But I'm still working on my sweater wrap. I have to knit until the length measures 64 inches and I'm only halfway there.

I'm headed to Michael's today (after I exercise) to buy yarn for a baby blanket. I have a baby shower to attend next weekend. Yes, I'm starting this project with only 6 days to finish it. I will have to put the sweater wrap on the back burner and really focus on the blanket. I've picked a fairly easy pattern (Baby Afghan for Beginners) so I'm confident that I can complete it. The mother-to-be is also registered somewhere so I'll probably get something as a backup. You know the old saying about the best laid plans....


I'm nearing the end of my second 30-day challenge and I've been losing weight. The scale says 5 pounds but the big deal is that my clothes are fitting better! When I start my next 30 days, I'm undecided if…

Praying For Good Health

I was in the bathroom stall today (sorry if I am grossing you out), and I just had this rush of a feeling that I can't believe this is where I am at this age. And I don't mean literally at that second, because using the bathroom is a normal function of life. But, here I am, 9 months away from being 40 years old and everything I do is tempered, measured, or limited by a variety of influences (finances, schedules, etc.). Could I possibly just let go and throw all caution to the wind and do something wild and fun and just amazing for my 40th birthday?

I love Daylight Savings time; walking out of work at 5:00 p.m. and it just feels like I'm escaping early and I still have plenty of usable daylight at my disposal.

I just added the following to my To Do List: (a) Figure out what exactly the Healthcare Bill really means; and (b) Clean out my car. I am ashamed of not knowing the pro…

I Did Not Forget To Wear Green Today

I've been neglecting this blog because I ended up with a temporary job at a law firm and my brother was in town last week. Time to catch up with what's on my mind.

Turns out that Ms. Delilah is perfect in every way, except for her "serious" Bartonella infection. I have to give her liquid antibiotics every day for 21 days. Although Delilah was not sick from the infection, I think her upper respiratory problems (she is the sneeziest cat I know) were a result of this.

Her latest favorite place to crash is in front of the bedroom window in Steve's ugly green recliner. When Steve and I started seriously seeing each other, we bought a green cotton throw. It was always over at Steve's house for my use when I got cold or chilly. Now, Delilah is attached to that blanket like crazy. She loves to cuddle up in it and sleep, be it on the chair, the bed, or the couch. Usually, when I get home from work, I find her curled up in the chai…

I Have Time To Exercise

First, let's get to the good news. Delilah is a very healthy cat. The vet's office called and said all the additional blood work was clean. She is still recovering from all the shots, but she actually moved around and even ventured outside for a few minutes.

For dinner, I made chicken and zucchini in a garlic sauce, and the dish was delicious. The recipe is going in my cookbook (a gift from my mom for christmas last year). I imagine this dish is even better the second day due to the garlic sauce; and Steve will have to fill me on this theory as he is taking the leftovers to work. I actually made this recipe because I was craving zucchini but Steve was unsure if this was a vegetable he could work with. Turns out we were both very happy with the results.

This morning, I started my new 30-Day Challenge on Wii Active, this time with the intensity level set on medium. Day One had 18 exercises to complete, three of which are running and four of which are squat-related. I…

Delilah In The Dumps

Delilah has been lethargic and moping around since her vaccinations yesterday. I'm afraid she was overloaded with the poking and prodding. She slept most of the day and night and didn't ask to go outside - very unusual for her. I believe I heard her eating yesterday but I'm not sure. I've put together a small bit of food and water and moved it to be closer to her. Her favorite spot seems to be near the window with the light coming in on top of her.

From what I've read on the internet (some of which was pretty damn scary), I should see an improvement in her attitude and interest in eating within 48 hours of the vaccinations. I wish she would let me hold her and make her feel better.

All Over The Place

My blog entries jump around too much; the paragraphs do not flow into each other smoothly. I don't do transitions very well. I'm going to try something new and create a header for each idea, so there is at least a semblance of delineation for the separate thoughts.

Cat News
I took Delilah to the vet this morning. I was completely stressed out by the whole idea. I had to keep reminding myself that I had to make sure that she was healthy. The car ride over was uneventful; Delilah did not make any noises at all. After we got situated in the exam room, Delilah started in with the growling noises and I could not comfort her. By the time the vet tech came in, Delilah was very vocal about her uneasiness. The tech took her in the back room to do lab work and I could hear how unhappy she was. Lucky for us, the vet pronounced Delilah to be very healthy and she tested negative for feline leukemia and feline aids. There is more blood work being done and we will have the results in…