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Maybe Just One Day Off

I need a day off just to take of all the little things that I've let pile up and have now become major issues. I get very overwhelmed very easily.

Last weekend, I saw Michael Buble in concert at the UCF Arena. I was worried that the show would be boring, although I really like his music. The show was awesome! He was so funny, kept everything very light. At point, he segued into Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. And his opening act is a group called Naturally 7, seven men who use their voices for song and for sound (as mimicking a musical instrument). The man who did percussion and the one who voiced the bass were the best of the group. Their music was Christian in type, but it was very enjoyable.

I was worried because I bought the tickets for my mom as a birthday gift, and I was not sure that the crooner/swing part of Michael Buble would interest her. Lucky for me that we had good seats and the two plus hours seemed to fly by. Even if you didn't know MB's original songs…