Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cat Tales

Ugh.  I love and hate Sunday nights all at once.  Sunday nights mean I have to go to work in the morning, but they also represent my last little bit of freedom before the work week.

I've started my third version of the Ripple Stitch afghan.  I've changed up the striping on the pattern just a bit; not sure how it will turn out.  I think the colors (chocolate brown, beige, burgundy/wine and cream) are reminiscent of fall and autumn and hope they work well together throughout the entire project.  I'll know more as I knit more rows of the pattern.

Macy supervising my progress.
Delilah made me laugh this morning.  She was out on the patio and I was checking up on her when I saw a familiar sight.  Delilah had her tail in the pool, while she was drinking water out of the dish Mr. Grumpbump set out for her (it's actually a plant dish, but Delilah insists on drinking water out of it so that's what it is now).  I was able to grab my camera to document the moment.

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