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A Place For Grumpbumps

No one I know likes moving.  I've moved at least 12 times in my life and I've cried during a lot of them.  A new place is always exciting, even when you are moving for sad reasons (like breaking up with a boyfriend - four times).  But this move into our new house has been so satisfying.  It sounds conceited or perhaps like I am being a braggart but Mr. Grumpbump and I deserved this house.  With everything going so much in our favor, I feel like I'm tempting fate by talking about how happy I am over the turn of events.  Also, it does us no service to chalk this up to fate or karma.  The facts are that Mr. Grumpbump and I made this happen.  I don't think I've ever believed that line coming out of other people - but now I feel like it completely a legitimate explanation for why some things in life happen the way they do.  (I don't believe this across the board because lots of bad things happen to very good people through no fault of their own.)  I just think it ch…

Happiness Is Our Home

I can't believe I'm typing this but we actually bought our house!  Almost one year ago (Labor Day weekend of 2010) Mr. Grumpbump and I started looking for a home.  And now, we own a really cute 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom single-family home with a pool!

The house needs some TLC - fresh paint inside and a good cleaning.  But the remainder of the house is in really good condition.  The floors are entirely tile (even the baseboards), with an inside utility room.  The master bath is really nice.  I'll get pictures of all rooms and post pictures as I can.

And, of course, the pool:
Although this is definitely the "before" picture because the house has sat vacant for more than six months, so currently it looks like this:

We've got a pool guy coming over this week to get this pool back to the great shape seen in the "before" picture.

I plan to post a ton more pictures once we actually move in and get everything situated.

Ugly Business

We are supposed to close on our house in 9 days.  I am very pessimistic about this closing and I am sickened by how people in this business are treating me.  My realtor is basically a non-entity.  She didn't even find this house for us - Mr. Grumpbump is the one who found it on the internet.  The loan processor handling my loan is rude and bitchy and I don't know if the loan conditions are cleared.  And finally, the title company handling the transaction is, predictably, padding my side of the closing statement with junk fees.  I spent a lot of time on email and the phone yesterday arguing with the title company about these fees.  I can't believe that they are refusing to lower their fees in order to close the transaction.  Instead, they feel the need to argue with me about what they feel they deserve, even after I disclosed to them that I'm a very informed buyer and closing real estate transactions has been my job for the last seven years.

The end result is that I…