Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Color of (Grumpbump) Money

I finished my second slouchy hat in time for the two days of cold weather here in Florida.  I love this hat and this time the yarn I used is perfect for the project.

Back of the hat -

Just a bit of slouch
I'm starting another ripple afghan.  I'm not feeling the love for it as I have previously, but I attribute that to slouchy hat pattern that I can complete in just a few days.  I'm going to have to really focus on this afghan because I think the colors I picked are going to pop.

Mr. Grumpbump got his pool table.   But the story definitely does not end there.  Mr. Grumpbump was supposed to set up the pool table in the dining room space of our great room.  Days before he bought it and had it moved, I made him assure me that he had measured and that it would work in the dining space.  After the movers got here and unloaded the table, they spent about an hour re-felting the table. I was in the bedroom with Delilah, trying to keep her out of the way. When Mr. Grumpbump revealed the table to me, I was very upset.  The table was HUGE and much too big for the space. I did not hesitate to tell Mr.Grumpbump of my displeasure.  

My solution was for the pool table to go into the garage. Mr.Grumpbump pouted and said he couldn't afford to lose the space for his car (my response to that?  Let's sell your damn car.).  One thing was certain - the pool table could not remain in the space.  After mulling it over for a day, we decided to compromise. The pool table will remain in the house, in the front room, but we turned it 90 degrees.  The benefit to this is that you don't see the pool table the second you walk in the front door.  It still takes up most of the great room, but I can live with it and it is sort of cool to come home and play a game of pool (even though I suck at it).

Mr. Grumpbump owes me BIG for this concession
We are going to move the furniture all around this weekend to come up with the best layout for the room.  You can see that the loveseat is up against the pool table. I'll post final pictures to show how we will make this work.

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