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I'm Not Old, I'm Vintage

Now that we have a bigger place, Mr. Grumpbump and I have different ideas about how we should furnish the house.  Mr. Grumpbump wants a pool table and I've agreed to it, on the condition it has a table pad to convert it to a dining table (in my defense, he wants to put it in the dining room).  My wish was for a china cabinet.   I inherited a set of wedding china and I have really want to display it appropriately.

In pursuit of our individual goals, Mr. Grumpbump and I have been searching  the for-sale ads on craigslist.  We have a disadvantage because we don't have a truck and most people selling on craigslist don't deliver.  The other consideration for both of us is the cost; we don't really have a ton of extra cash.  
However, I found a little treasure for sale a few days ago and now it sits in my garage!  I paid $60 for it.  It's small (3' wide x 5' tall x 14" deep) but it has grooved shelving for plates.  It has a scroll work on the top (we had to …

America's Next Top Cat

My Delilah is a model.  Seriously, she's so beautiful - on the outside.  Her personality is, well, let's say, not so beautiful.  Delilah could definitely be a contender on the feline version of America's Next Top Model.  If there were such a thing, here's how I imagine it:

All Delilah needed was a trim to her honey-blond locks.  Typical wannabe-model drama when the finished product revealed the cut to be shorter than what Delilah wanted.

Time for the photo shoot!  The shoot was outdoors, early morning, and the theme was luxurious living by the pool.  

Time for judging panel and we will see which cats will continue in the search for America's Next Top Cat.  Delilah, we edited your film heavily.  There were so many shots of the *exact* same pose.  You can be a bit too boring, and your small body mass and frame mean you have to work harder to get that extra strong photo.  These were the best pictures of your film:

And the award for best picture goes to....Delilah!  Congra…

Making Room for Grumpbump

A few weeks into home ownership and it still feels great!  The cats have definitely settled in and both of them enjoy hanging out by the pool.  The backyard is big enough to let them each have their own corner and Macy stays far away from Delilah.

I managed to unpack all of the kitchen boxes and lined the kitchen selves.  It was hard to decide where everything should go.  I hope I made the right decisions on where to put our plates, dishes, silverware.  I did ask Mr. Grumpbump for his opinion on the placement of everything.  I think it makes logistical sense, which is important when you are searching for the right pot, pan or kitchen tool.
Mr. Grumpbump had to install the over-the-range microwave, but the outlet for the microwave is in a weird spot.  Turns out that we will need to move the outlet (which would require the hiring of an electrician) to the cabinet above the microwave.  We don't have the budget for that right now so the microwave is plugged into an outlet on the side …