Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Found My Thrill

I have put aside my secret afghan project and started knitting hats.  The thrill, yes there is a thrill to knitting, of finishing a project in one evening has given me a second wind. 

I have to go to the craft store today because I promised to knit a hat for a guy at work.  He is a Steelers fan, and I need a yarn close to the Steelers yellow.  Also, he wants earflaps, so I have to a free pattern for that.

One of the hats knitted up really big, because I used the wrong needles.  I am going to buy some elastic thread and try to fix the brim.  The hat could work as a slouchy hat if I could tighten the brim.

The other hats are nearly perfect and I will be gifting them to another co-worker.

I am finally unwinding after a very stressful two weeks at work.  I really needed this three-day weekend.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Surgery Updates

Saturday afternoon and the sky is darkening.  We are supposed to get lots of thunderstorms this weekend and it sounds like/looks like they are starting to roll in.

I am very far behind with my workload, and I probably should go into work this weekend to make a dent in the paperwork.  However, I'm fairly confident that I will not be doing that.  I plan to stay far away from the office because my anxiety is at a very high level; I'm hoping that by staying away from work, I will relax just a bit in an effort to give my attitude time to adjust to a more tolerable level.

On the kitty cat front, Monkey made it through her spaying surgery without any complications (thank goodness).  I was in a panic over Monkey's refusal to keep her e-collar on.  Mr. Grumpbump did not ease the situation as he sent me regular text updates of Monkey's paw caught in the collar or how she pulled it up into her mouth and was choking on it.

On my way home from work, I bought an inflatable e-collar.  So we replaced the plastic one with the inflatable one and Monkey went to town again.  Wiggling and pawing at it with no rest.  I eventually took it off of her and tried to watch her.  All night.  I woke up every hour to look for her and check on her.  My fear was that she would pick and lick at her incision area.   Mr. Grumpbump and I even considered boarding her at the vet for the day, while we were at work.  Believe me, it was all very dramatic and high tension over a tiny kitten's spaying surgery.   We knew that we were making a big deal over it but we were very scared.

To Monkey's credit, she didn't really make any fuss over her incision.  I ended up leaving her at the house, in our bedroom behind closed doors. I was nervous and I should have just had faith because Monkey was fine and is fine.  She appears to be healing normally and really doesn't show any interest in messing with the suture area.

One day post surgery wondering why all the fuss

Nothing really stopped Monkey; she was her normal bouncy self just a day after and she was so happy to be back at home with her pals, Delilah and Macy.   Macy and Monkey are so cute together; Monkey is definitely the annoying little sister to Macy's shy sensible nature.  Monkey just wants to be around her big sister cat, you know?

Went looking for cats and found this
Now, to our other cat with recent surgery, Delilah.  That poor girl has been in an e-collar for ten days.  Her left ear is all stitched up like Frankenstein's monster.  Mr. Grumpbump took her the vet yesterday for removal of the stitches.  Unfortunately for her, she has to wait another ten days to get them removed!  Mr. Grumpbump and I decided to remove the e-collar for the weekend, while we are around to watch her.   However, when we go back to work on Monday, the cone will be back on and believe me, Delilah will be in a shitty mood.  To which I say, join the club.  Mondays suck.

Free of the cone! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Nervous Nellies

I am at the SPCA clinic.  They just took Monkey kitten back.  I have to wait and see that her pre-op blood test comes back clean to ensure she can tolerate anesthesia. 

Both Monkey Cat and I were shaking.  I will be so glad when 3 pm gets here and she can go home with Mr. Grumpbump.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Forgive Me

I just installed the blogger app on my phone so maybe I will post more frequently to my blog. 
I am having a freak out this evening because I have to take Monkey to the SPCA vet clinic tomorrow to have her spayed.  I feel like a shitty guardian because she has no idea and she will probably freak out, I will cry, and I will be anxious all day.  I definitely could not handle children. 
We had to get Delilah in the vet on Tuesday to have surgery on her ear.  She had a hematoma from a ruptured blood vessel.  Her ear will never be normal, it will flop over even after the stitches are removed.  She is tolerating the cone of shame; I think she is slightly depressed because if it.  Also, we have had her on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and pain medicine.  Way more medicine than her poor tummy can handle. 
The Charlie Brown blanket is done and I have moved on to my secret project.
I might start two new hats.  More on those projects later.