Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Force Is With Me

Years ago, I bought this Star Wars t-shirt at the Virgin Records store at Downtown Disney (on a side note, I also got a cool Goonies t-shirt at the same time, but my ex-boyfriend ripped up the shirt during our breakup...jerk).

Whenever I wear the shirt, someone comments on it. Typically, it's a guy who says something. I've gotten "cool shirt" or "where did you get it". Today, when I was at Michael's picking up more yarn (which, by the way, I'm not buying any more yarn for at least 6 months.....I have way too much on hand right now to justify any more shopping sprees), the cashier, a young lady, said she liked my shirt but that she had never seen the movies. WHAT??? I told her it was well worth the rental to experience the Force that is the original three films.

The weirdest episode happened while Steve and I were at a pizza place for lunch. Our waiter said he loved my shirt. I thanked him while Steve rolled his eyes. Our waiter told me he felt a connection with me and took something out of his pants.....his wallet (which had the same distressed Star Wars logo as the shirt).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sweets For the Stressed

Ah, stress. In my past jobs, I used stress to push out as much work as possible. I could do a whole heck of a lot when the pressure was on and the deadline was fast approaching. This is when I was working 60+ hours per week and at least one day on the weekend. I had no life; just work.

I've decided to embrace the old cliched adage to take each day as its own and be happy. Therefore, work seems tedious and in the way of me trying to figure out what makes me happy. My reaction to stress is completely different; I don't want it and I will not accept it. When I had to take on three different jobs at work, I simply just quit doing anything except the immediate project required each day. Every day, I was another full day behind. Very frustrating, trying to keep my energy up and looking at my desk with files everywhere and nothing moving forward.

While looking for balance in my life, I face the realization that I am 38 years old and still searching for what I want in life. This frustrates my parents, who can't understand why I seem to flounder. Sometimes, when we speak, I can hear their disapproval in the types of questions they ask me or the comments they make. I try really hard not to take it personally nor to beat myself up over it. I am responsible for who I am and if I'm a work in process, then so be it.

Today, my stress reliever was making cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing

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