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Short Sale Woes

Ugh.  That sums up how I feel about myself lately.  

Now that April is here, the anxiety level surrounding our house purchase has increased significantly.  This anxiety feels exactly the same as when I was in grade school and there was a big trip planned (to Sea World or the now-long-defunct Circus World) and for some reason, I was not going on the trip.  All my friends were going.  In fact, all of my classmates were going.  But I could not go.  I was staying home.  The feeling was a combination of misery, jealously, curiosity, and sadness.  I felt like I was missing the biggest event ever.

That's how it feels, waiting for a short sale to be approved.  All my other plans are on hold, pending the outcome of this.  Add to this, the fact that there is another person in this equation, feeling similar feelings.  Mr. Grumpbump is normally very laid-back in comparison to me.  But, his temper has been showing lately.

We constantly discuss that short sales typically take an average of four…