Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Recap

I feel like when I leave my house in the morning, I'm taking a big huge breath, as if I'm diving underwater, and then the second I get to work, I am going at double speed to get everything done.  When I clock out at night, that's the only time I can let out that breath and start to decompress and relax.  I never seem to get done what I should have and I feel like I've left so many things undone, that's it is just a matter of time before the HR people come by my desk and tell me to pack my stuff.  The worst part about these feelings is that my job is that I'm trapped.  My family unit relies on my salary to pay all of the bills.  I really cannot complain because if I don't have this job, we are broke.

It doesn't help my stress level that it appears every time we turn around, there is something new to pay for.  Delilah had surgery on her ear to cauterize a hematoma inside her ear.  We took her back to the vet around day 12 after surgery but the vet wanted to wait at least two more weeks.  So 30 days after her surgery, Delilah's stitches were finally removed.  Now, she has a crinkled left ear.  I am still worried about her because I think she's dehydrated (she's had diarrhea), so I purchased a bottle of unflavored Pedialtye from the store and I've been giving that to her mixed with her food.  

Delilah relaxing after Sunday morning cat nip
As for the cat-formerly-known-as-kitten, Monkey is just barely seven months old, and she's as big as Delilah.  When I catch a glimpse of Monkey running through the house, or hunting geckos and roaches outside, I can't believe this full-sized cat is the baby I brought home five months ago.  And she's still not done, I'm sure.  I think she will rival Macy in terms of size.

Still Growing!
Macy is the stable, static cat being of the house.  She never changes, but she has evolved into a lap cat but only with Mr. Grumpbump and only when he sits in his old green recliner.  If I walk into the room, she turns to me guiltily and jumps off his lap and runs away.  She's the only cat in the house that hates the brush; she howls and screams in terror when I try.  As a result, she's the sheddiest cat ever.

Always needs to be brushed.
Mr. Grumpbump sold his pool table a few months ago (which the cats miss terribly) so we decided that it was time to fill the space with a more appropriate dining table.  A few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon furniture shopping and purchased new seating for the living room, a table and six chairs for the dining area, a new recliner for Mr. Grumpbump and a new dresser for our bedroom.  The furniture should be delivered by the end of the month and we will then have a garage sale to get rid of some of the mis-matched pieces that we have accumulated.

Mr. Grumpbump also painted our front doors!  There was a time that we considering purchasing new doors for the front entrance, but we really could not afford them.  Even though a very good friend of ours offered his installation services for free, the materials were too much.  So Mr. Grumpbump spent the weekend painting the doors and now they look better (not great, but much better).  I can live with them.

Cranberry and gold is actually a good color combination

As for my knitting/crocheting, I'm making time for it every night after work in order to work out the stress I've built up during the day.   I'm still working on the super secret lap blanket, which I hate so much.  The colorway is all wrong but I'm so far into the project, I just have to finish it.  I've crocheting some cute coasters, because I had extra cotton yarn and they are super easy and fast to do.  I have a feeling that a lot of friends/family will end up with coasters for gifts this year...

Springtime in the Fall.

I'm still super excited about knitting and crocheting but I'm not sure what my next project will be.  I need to finish this hated lap blanket so I can move forward.

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