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The Great Kitten Experiment

Today is our first day of sunshine and cool, cool weather in about a week.  There was a whole lot of rain for us in Central Florida, as evidenced by my greenish pool.  Which means I have to re-hire the pool guy and just adjust the budget to carry the service through the spring/summer/fall season.

I've been crocheting dishcloths like a crazy lady.  I found a wonderful simple pattern called 29 stitches and I have made at least six of these in the last week.  I've been very good about my yarn diet (no new yarn purchased) and I'm down to the last little remnants of my cotton yarns. 
As for Monkey and her adjustment into our household, I am amazed that only two weeks have passed.  The three cats are living relatively peaceful; Monkey is bold enough to follow Macy (mostly) and Delilah around and when they catch her wiggling behind them, there is some hissing or growling.  Monkey is never alone with them and I'm not extremely concerned about the older cats' responses.  I&…