Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Coffee For The Mace

Mr. Grumpbump is now proficient with our stove-top espresso maker.  There is nothing I like better than my husband making me a cup of coffee.  I pretend to be inept at the whole process and ask him to "help" me.  The cup I'm enjoying now is super yummy, which is made all the better because he's also cleaning up the percolator too!   I let Miss Macy smell my coffee but she was not interested in it all.  Her loss.

We hired an electrician to put up our ceiling fan and track lighting in the kitchen nook.  It is so nice to have actual overhead lights in the living space instead of relying on table and floor lamps.  The fan will come in handy once the Florida weather heats up.  Mr. Grumpbump also installed a light in the front hallway so he can maneuver the front bedroom in the morning (he keeps his uniforms in the front bedroom closet).  

Ceiling Fan front and center - kitchen track lighting visible in background
I've made some progress on my latest ripple afghan.  I've switched up the color blocking on this one so there more color changes than with the previous two.  Basically, it means that I have a lot more ends to weave in. While I enjoy the pattern immensely, I think I might retire it for a while after I finish this project.  

Fall colors for my winter project
Miss Macy has a new sleeping position I like to call Nautilus (because she's curled around like the seashell). She's constantly sleeping on or near my knitting project.  Macy has to have her teeth cleaned this Friday (Feb 3).  The teeth cleaning will involve the pulling of some back teeth that are unhealthy and potentially harmful to the Mace.  I hate to do that to her and trust she will forgive me someday for this but I'm very nervous about it all.   If you are reading this, please keep my Mace in your thoughts and wish her a speedy recovery.

Definitely cuter and fluffier than the real-life nautilus
No Delilah on today's entry because she's just too mean to me these days.  Unless she's asleep, Delilah treats me like her servant and yells at me whenever I approach her.  Then she runs away.  

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