Saturday, December 31, 2011

It Really Feels Like A New Beginning

I'm so grateful for this three-day weekend. My weeks are completely absorbed by work - it's all I focus on, to the detriment of my personal life.  (At work, when we tell someone that they need to "focus" we are referring to the urban definition of Fuck Off 'Cause You're Stupid.)

I've evolved from spending my weekends just vegetating, sleeping, just trying to recoup some bit of energy sapped from the constant stress and pressure of my job, with a basic enjoyment and happiness for spending time working on the house.   We still have a few pressing items to fix/fill in....we need to install lights in the hallways, bedrooms, and the living area.  We are relying on floor and table lamps and it is just not cutting it.  I'm constantly borrowing a lamp from the front bedroom in order to knit and read in the living area.  Mr. Grumpbump tried to install track lighting in the kitchen nook and while the tester said that there is power to the  strip, the light will not work.  In fact, we have a ton of switches and wall sockets that either (1) don't work or (2) don't appear to belong with any fixture.  Basically, we need an electrician to come in and map out the switches and wall sockets.  I have bugged and nagged Mr. Grumpbump to find us an electrician.

I'm currently knitting Slouchy Copy Cat Hat.  My first attempt was with a cotton yarn and, although the color is HOT, it was not the best choice because cotton has very little give, even with the ribbing on the band.  The hat stretches easily and does not bounce back. I'm going to wash it and see if I can shrink it a bit.  The pattern is really cute because it has the feel of a cable but it's just a stitch being passed over two knit stitches that gives it the cabled look.   I love the decreases at the top (you can't see them in the picture) and the way it gathers at the crown.  I actually have a red poncho that my mom gave me and I wore it and my slouchy hat to work several days this week.  Cheeky!

This color is fabulous but cotton is not the right yarn for this  project
I have another slouchy hat on my needles, this time using a better-suited yarn (wool/acrylic blend).  I've only just started but I have a feeling this fit will be better than the cotton.

I bought two closetmaid storage container to put in the bedroom closet so I can organize my yarn stash.  I wanted to buy faux wood storage cubicle units (6, 8 or 9 cubes) and Mr. Grumpbump and I were in Target, attempting to pick them out (white, natural or dark), when Mr. Grumpbump got all miserly on me and tried to steer me towards the plastic storage solutions.  I hated that idea because there is no way I would want some plastic tubs out in the open in the house.  However, comparing the prices, figuring that I would store these containers in the closet anyway, and realizing that I would have more money leftover to buy more yarn, I went with the plastic 3-drawer containers.   Tomorrow, I'm printing my Michaels coupon and heading over to the store to get more yarn.  It's nice not to have yarn all over the house in shoeboxes, wicker baskets, paper bags, and plastic shopping bags.

Are you ready for cat pictures? First up is Delilah. She's in love with the back patio area now that we have cushions on the chairs. She's claimed the lounger and at least three of the four chairs. She loves napping on them.
Delilah knows how to make herself comfortable

Delilah is checking out Alfred, the garden frog (gift from my mom at Christmas)
I think Macy has really blossomed since moving to the new house. Macy loves to sit in the patio area and watch the lizards run around.  She doesn't roam the house with Delilah around, but she is not shy about hanging out with us while we watch tv.  She's usually on the couch with one of us. When she's really relaxed, I can get her to let me rub her belly while she naps next to me. And she purrs so much now.  I feel like we have really done right by her when I hear her purr.
Macy's usual spot

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