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Quick Update

I can't call my ripple afghan complete - even though the knitting portion of it is done.  Because of the scalloped beginning and ending, I decided to go with a sewn bind off.  It's really the best choice because it's a bit more stretchy and blends into the existing stitches without looking stiff.  The only drawback to this bind off is the time it takes to accomplish.  I started last night and I'm only up to 46 stitches (and I've got 230 on each end!).  
I haven't even mentioned that I have a ton of loose ends to weave into the existing stitches (for every color change, I've got a tail to weave in).  But the most daunting (and boring) task at the moment is this sewn bind off.  I have to persevere and not lose focus so I can get this afghan in the washer and photograph the end result.  
In case you are wondering, the cats are great. 
Also, I'm participating in Meow March 2013 for the SPCA of Central Florida.  If you want to sponsor me (fundraising runs th…

Cold and Hungry

I'm very close to finishing my ripple afghan.  I have two more repeats of the pattern (16 rows total) and then about 4 rows of edging and it will be off my needles.  Of course, I have a ton of ends to weave in and I have to bind off the provisional cast-on.  So I am probably looking at next weekend before I can actually call this complete.  Of course, by then, the temperatures here in Central Florida will be back up into the 80s.  It has been really nice to knit this blanket while the temperatures have been in 40s and 50s.

Two weekends ago, I was in D.C. It was just a short visit, only two days.  I took a day trip to Philadelphia, where I got to eat an authentic Philly cheese steak from Geno's.  The sandwich was delicious but the real story is how incredibly cold it was that Sunday morning in Philly.  It was all we could do to eat it while the freezing wind cut right through us.  The only good thing I can say about cold weather is you can really make do with a lot of hand-mad…