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It Really Feels Like A New Beginning

I'm so grateful for this three-day weekend. My weeks are completely absorbed by work - it's all I focus on, to the detriment of my personal life.  (At work, when we tell someone that they need to "focus" we are referring to the urban definition of Fuck Off 'Cause You're Stupid.)

I've evolved from spending my weekends just vegetating, sleeping, just trying to recoup some bit of energy sapped from the constant stress and pressure of my job, with a basic enjoyment and happiness for spending time working on the house.   We still have a few pressing items to fix/fill in....we need to install lights in the hallways, bedrooms, and the living area.  We are relying on floor and table lamps and it is just not cutting it.  I'm constantly borrowing a lamp from the front bedroom in order to knit and read in the living area.  Mr. Grumpbump tried to install track lighting in the kitchen nook and while the tester said that there is power to the  strip, the light will…

Worth Staying Up For

Mr. Grumpbump's blanket is finished!  This ripple stitch pattern is my absolute favorite; it seems that no matter what colors you pick, the blanket is so striking.  Definitely something I will do again.

I've started on a new project, which I chose based solely on the ease of getting in on my needles and the quickness of the knit.  It's called a Baktus Scarf.  I'm using sock yarn to knit this and I will probably buy some beads to add to the ends of the scarf (a lot of the scarves are made with tassels at the end).  If this turns out as cool as I hope, I might use up my other sock yarn to make this very easy knit.  Right now, it remains to be seen how it will turn out.

On Tuesday after work, I'm going to attend a knitting group meeting at my local bookstore.  Because I am under so much stress at work, I now fight even harder to get time for knitting.  I have to make time to knit on a semi-regular basis and I get very angry when something else takes time away from kn…