Sunday, November 22, 2009

One Hand For Knitting; One Hand For Petting

Delilah's owner has been very gracious and patient with me; she has continued to allow Delilah to come over and spend the night with me. However, I realize that I need to either get my own cat or leave Delilah to my neighbor. I find myself searching online for a cat that tugs at my heart the way Delilah has. My friend's sister-in-law has a few strays hanging out at her house, and I'm going to go see if any of them will become my cat.

But first, another picture of my friend, Delilah:

I was reading the Knitting Help forums and came across a discussion on "no-brainer" flat knit patterns. I've got a sock on my dpns, and it's been there for a few weeks now, even though I've made it all the way to the toe. I just can't seem to finish it. One of the easy patterns they discussed was a scrunchable scarf. The pattern is ridiculously easy, K2 P1, on any multiple of 3 stitches (and you could add one on each side for selvage). This is my attempt at that scarf and it's the first time I've tried fringe. My fringe started out really long, but I'm a really bad barber so the fringe is short.

This scarf was really easy to do while watching tv or petting Delilah. I might try it again, now that I've done it once so I can improve on the original. As I knitted, I was thinking that perhaps I can gift the final products to family. My final product, for this first attempt, is not something I would be willing to gift because it feels too homemade. However, there is always the second time. Or third. Depending on if I get bored with it and finally go back to my poor sock.

Monday, November 16, 2009

She's Gone

Well, my joy was short-lived. My immediate next door neighbor is the owner of Delilah (that's her name, which fits her well, actually). She works nights and has a small dog named Cookie, who is Delilah's friend.

The only problem is that I instantly fell in love with Delilah, and I think I need my own pet. Something in the back of my mind is that my mother is highly allergic and she has always told me not to get a cat. But, honestly, she never comes to visit, I always go to her house. I posted a note on Craigslist about my search for a cat.

I received a promising email from someone looking for a home for her cat. The cat comes with flea prevention (three months), food, and litter. The lady giving up the cat said that she has two dogs and the cat really needs to be in a single-pet household. The cat is strictly indoors and is friendly and needs a lot of love. I'm going to arrange a meeting to see if the cat is a good fit for us.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finder's Keepers

The weather has been very cool the past two days, so I've been opening the windows to let the fresh air in. I had a visitor one day, who jumped up on my window sill, curiously looking into my apartment. After seeing him several times in as many hours, I invited him in for just a minute. A minute turned into a day, and this morning I went to the store to buy food and litter.

This guy definitely belongs to someone. Although he is well cared for, he does not wear a collar. I'm torn because this little guy is really sweet and I could see myself keeping him as my own. I know I should canvas the neighborhood and ask if anyone knows who he belongs to.

I'm going to post a "Found Cat" poster by the mailboxes to see if anyone will claim him. I'm secretly hoping that he needs a home and that I can keep him.

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