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All I Have To Say=Knitting and Cats

My blanket is finished!  I don't really know the measurements but it's much bigger than a lap.  I added a crochet border (my first ever!) to clean up the edges.  The yarn was nothing special and is very soft but a bit heavy.  I used larger needles (size 10) so the blanket has a lightweight quality to it because the stitches are larger.  The colors are masculine because I knitted it for Mr. Grumpbump.  However, my grandmother is in the hospital having surgery and I've decided to give it to her.  She's not picky about colors.

I'm in love with my Wii game, Just Dance 2.  I wish they had more downloads for it.  I love pop music, but I can't listen to it in the car.  In the car, I like to listen to talk radio; I think it has something to do with conversation.  But when I'm working late or leaving work for the day, I pull out my earphones and my phone is my music player.  Pop music puts me in such a good mood and instantly erases the stress of the day.  Funny, it…

Many Hours In My Day

I bought a new cat toy at CVS of all places.  I know this is not a very exciting opening line, but keep reading.  I went to PetSmart to buy dry cat food and litter.  I always sneak a peek at the cat toys section but I don't give in to temptation very often.  I know my cats are older and, quite frankly, not really interested in most of the stuff they sell.  The only exception is the Cat Teaser, which we use infrequently when Delilah (mostly) or Macy express interest in it. 
I recently saw a show on Animal Planet, and its name escapes me, but there was a segment about a woman who owned four cats and she made her own toys to stimulate her cats.  She took plastic bottles and poked holes in the sides and then put cat treats in the bottles.  Her cats would play with the bottles in attempt to get the treats out.  She also had this wooden box with holes in and it served the same purpose.
PetSmart does not have this wooden box but I look every time I visit.  It's the only thing I would c…

Left vs. Right

I learned how to knit continental, thanks to another class hosted by Sip and Knit.  I asked Mr. Grumpbump tonight if he noticed I was knitting differently.  He was, of course, very confused because he does not make a practice of analyzing my knitting style.  So, I showed him that I could knit with (a) the working yarn in my right hand (English) and (b) the working yarn in my left hand (Continental).  Surprisingly, he was underwhelmed by my new skills.

I'm still working on the striped lap blanket; I've knitted about two-thirds of it.  The whole thing is the knit stitch, so it's the perfect project to practice my continental knitting.  I've not touched any other project, although the only other things on needles is a second sock (why are they soooo hard to finish?) and a dishcloth.  I've asked a friend at work to give me a good beginner crochet project for me, which I hope is not a dishcloth.

Mr. Grumpbump and I have made an offer on yet another house and it's a…