Sunday, July 29, 2007

Still Here

It's been a while since my last post. I find it hard to figure out what to put down in writing.

My brother's wedding is coming up fast (August 8) and I still don't have a dress. As usual, I've allowed myself no time to get one, and so I've set myself up for failure. This is a common theme in my life.

I went to the beach yesterday with Steve. I love the ocean; it truly is where I desire to be. I found it so relaxing, up until the point I was scared out of my mind by a manatee passing two feet from me in the water. It was like a giant black sea monster, in less than 5 feet of water and less than 50 feet from shore.

Notwithstanding my brush with fear, I think I want to visit the beach every weekend. Either that, or Steve better get us a key to the pool.

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