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Riding The Wave

I'm just resigned to the fact that my needlework crafting skills are limited.  Any project requiring shaping or tailoring does not inspire me and, in fact, I work really hard to avoid starting those projects.  I think I'm so highly motivated to fail that I just can't start the project.

Inspiration is found with ripple and chevron patterns.  So I bought some yarn (the first in a long time) and cast on this long-admired zig-zag blanket.  I'm zooming through the project but I'm not sure of the color blocking yet so there are no pictures for the blog.  I will knit more rows before I photograph as the colors are laid out in a really random design and I'm not sure a photo of it at this point will give a good impression.  I'm really hoping that the more I knit, the more pleasing it will be to the eye.

Lucky for me, Mr. Grumpbump has an affinity for plants because I'm terrible at keeping those things alive.  As a result, we have cultivated a mini-jungle on our…

It Doesn't Take Much Time

I lost my knitting mojo for a few weeks, skipping two meetings of my Tuesday night knitting group.  I had no projects going (well, ones I was confident enough in to bring to a meeting).  I managed to knit the back half of a cat pillow, which is shaped like a crescent moon, and started the front seven triangles that will make up the front half.  However, that project looks like Frankenstein's monster knitted it.  The seams are exposed (I was practicing invisible seaming - guess I got an F on that) and it looks like a distracted three-year put the colors together.  That project is definitely for my eyes only.

I tried and failed to start several projects, small ones so that I could feel accomplished quickly and get over my slump.  I wanted to knit so badly, but I could not focus on any one pattern and have enough energy to go find some suitable yarn and needles.  I had knitting depression.

Adding to my distractions was the Monkey Cat.  She's so big now - long and lean.

Adding a c…