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Decisions I Don't Regret

Yesterday was Macy's one-year anniversary with us.  She's a much more comfortable with us and can usually be found sitting in our line-of-site, watching us intently.  Macy has also learned that paper plates mean catnip (I put catnip on paper plates for both Macy and Delilah) and that good things come from the kitchen.   She's a bit more vocal but only when it comes to food, which I believe she learned from Delilah.

I started a new ripple stitch afghan for Mr. Grumpbump.  He picked out the colors he wanted and I started it immediately.  I have to finish my pedicure socks, but I find it hard to work on them when I have my (current) favorite pattern on the needles.  I really put a lot of time into the afghan this weekend.

A nice lady at work is going to teach me to crochet.  Crochet will never replace knitting as my favorite hobby, but I have found so many cute crochet patterns that I want to try.  I'm going to have to dig through my stash of yarn and find something suit…

Moving On To The Next Project

I finished my afghan last night.  I wanted to knit a few more rows but I was running out of the main color (orange).  I have enough of the green, pink and beige to make another cat blanket.  Or I might use it to practice my crochet skills.  The afghan ended up being 53" x 45".  I'm going to try to wash it on gentle cycle to see if I can soften it up just a bit.  The yarn I used was acrylic but it's not scratchy or rough.  I also want to make sure that my weaving in the ends will hold up to a wash.

I started working on Pedicure Socks (you have to be a member of the Paton's website to view this free pattern).  I'm just some KnitPicks sock yarn that I've had a for a while.  I couldn't put my hands on my bamboo dpns so I'm using this nickel-plated dpns.  The yarn slides easily (too easily) on the nickel-plated and I have to be very careful not to drop stitches.

I've decided to put the idea of a third cat on the (very) back burner.  I'm not s…