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Don't Question My Authority

Oh my goodness, I can be such a bitch sometimes. Now, I know, looking at my sweet, innocent face, you can't imagine me being difficult. Oh, you just have to ask my latest dude, whose name is Steve, about how not all things are as they seem.

Steve hears from me during the work day, I'm all about sweetness and love. Sample text messages: "I can't stop thinking about you"; "I hope that you are safe"; "Everything will be better when I get to see you tonight". BARF!!!!

Now, don't get me wrong, I mean every single word of what I say when I say it, but don't expect it to carry through to the rest of the day. By the evening, I am in, let's say, a different frame of mind. This is where boyfriend dude is literally ambushed by a new Debbie.

Now that boyfriend Steve is sitting in front of me, small little things begin to annoy me. For example, why does he not put the bread on his bread plate??? He put it on his napkin, fer chrissakes!!!. What is …

The Cycle of a Relationship

As illustrated by me, the old lady of the house....

1) The Hookup - Those dotcoms, particularly Match and Eharmony can really open up your dating field, when you are done with the roommate's friend (who was never really that into you while you are passed out on the garage floor) or the ex-boyfriend (because you thought he still loved you but he's with someone else). First dates are fun because it's usually just coffee or ice cream, so passive and non-threatening, and you can be done within an hour.

2) The Follow-Up Dates - more pressure!!! You have to regularly dress up, shave your legs, wear makeup. Jeez! This is where the real work begins but the fun also starts here. How nice is it to walk around holding hands and "belonging" together. However, I long for the days when we reach the Comfort Zone, so I can take a break on doing my hair *every* *single* day.

3) Comfort Zone - Let's stay in and watch movies. Totally at ease and things come down fro…