Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tour de Grumpbump

Early Saturday afternoon here in Florida and the temperatures are back up in the 70s, although it is overcast right now as I sit on my patio. Maybe overcast is the wrong word; there is a lot of cloud cover and you can't really see the sun or the sky. Just light gray and white clouds everywhere.  I'm waiting for Mr. Grumpbump to get back from Lowes.

Since receiving a bike for Christmas, Mr. Grumpbump and I go out on Saturday mornings - he runs, I bike.  It's the first opportunity I've taken since moving into this house to see the neighborhood and the houses around us. I enjoy riding and would be willing to do more exploring of the other subdivisions on this side of the main roadway.

La Bicicleta - Yo quiero un (como se dice... "basket")
But today, I realized that I could right my bike to the Farmers Market just a mile or so from the house.  The only problem is that I have to cross a MAJOR roadway to get there.  There are plenty of sidewalks to take me all the way to the shopping center where it is hosted every Saturday, I just have to be very careful about the traffic when crossing the road.  Once I get across the street, the sidewalks keep me away from the cars and I'll feel very safe.

My trip today yielded some beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers.   But there were so many other good fruits and vegetables (strawberries are in season, the onions and peppers were so bright and colorful).  I'll have to get a basket for my bicycle so I don't have to stuff everything in a knapsack.

Dinner Tonight
I'm still getting used to riding the bike.  I know they say you never really forget how to ride (which is true) but as I have aged I have become less sure of myself (physically).  I'm very aware that should I crash on this bike, I could hurt myself very badly.  I don't take my hands off the handlebars, and even the process of looking around can cause me to very quickly over correct.  I need more practice before I will feel confident on the bike.

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