Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Have Time To Exercise

First, let's get to the good news. Delilah is a very healthy cat. The vet's office called and said all the additional blood work was clean. She is still recovering from all the shots, but she actually moved around and even ventured outside for a few minutes.

For dinner, I made chicken and zucchini in a garlic sauce, and the dish was delicious. The recipe is going in my cookbook (a gift from my mom for christmas last year). I imagine this dish is even better the second day due to the garlic sauce; and Steve will have to fill me on this theory as he is taking the leftovers to work. I actually made this recipe because I was craving zucchini but Steve was unsure if this was a vegetable he could work with. Turns out we were both very happy with the results.

This morning, I started my new 30-Day Challenge on Wii Active, this time with the intensity level set on medium. Day One had 18 exercises to complete, three of which are running and four of which are squat-related. I felt good because I could keep up with the program and definitely credit the fact that I previously worked through the entire 30-day challenge on low intensity.

I'm eating better (not great, but better) and exercising; I have seen my energy level increase and my moods have been really good (even though I am an out-of-work loser). However, I have quite a way to go before my shape is something that I am not embarrassed by. Because I am looking for work, I think my weight can be a negative to a potential employer. I would hope they could see past my shape because I am a truly great employee, but with so many people out there competing for work, who knows what employers are basing decisions on. Right now, I am focusing on staying positive and keeping up with my exercising.

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