Sunday, March 21, 2010

Praying For Good Health

I was in the bathroom stall today (sorry if I am grossing you out), and I just had this rush of a feeling that I can't believe this is where I am at this age. And I don't mean literally at that second, because using the bathroom is a normal function of life. But, here I am, 9 months away from being 40 years old and everything I do is tempered, measured, or limited by a variety of influences (finances, schedules, etc.). Could I possibly just let go and throw all caution to the wind and do something wild and fun and just amazing for my 40th birthday?


I love Daylight Savings time; walking out of work at 5:00 p.m. and it just feels like I'm escaping early and I still have plenty of usable daylight at my disposal.


I just added the following to my To Do List: (a) Figure out what exactly the Healthcare Bill really means; and (b) Clean out my car. I am ashamed of not knowing the provisions of the bill but even more ashamed of the mess in my car. Because I am working a temporary position, I do not have access to decent benefits. I have to provide for my own health insurance, which seems almost like catastrophic coverage because the deductibles are so insane. I am THAT american who needs access to coverage even though I am not currently a part of an insurable work group. I really dropped the ball on getting involved and educated on the health insurance reform. Instead, I was just angry and opinionated about those opposing the measure. Those people seem so greedy and selfish, and I get angry because I take their opposition personally. I have always been a hard worker and I do not slack when it comes to taking on my fair share. But somehow I have been lumped into a category with those who work the system and ride others' coattails. And, as of this instant, the bill has been signed into law (I know there are about 14 states, including my Florida, waiting to file lawsuits to have it declared unconstitutional), so I guess the naysayers have to eat their words for a bit. Of course, I can still have hope.

As for my messy car, if I just took all the books out of the backseat, it would be a HUGE improvement.

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