Thursday, February 18, 2010

Unsteady On My Feet

While exercising today (Wii Active Day 17 of 30-day Challenge), I started feeling nauseous and dizzy. I knew what was happening - I was overheating. This is first time this has happened to me while exercising. Wii Active was leading me through an exercise of kick-ups and I was alternating between fast kick-ups and slow kick-ups for an extended period of time. I was pushing myself pretty hard and my body revolted. I had to yell for Steve to come out to the front room (waking him up) and, true to Steve, he wanted to check my heart rate. What I needed was a cold compress and water to bring my body temperature down. Luckily, he listened to me and, after a few minutes, I was feeling better. I finished the exercises for the day, which focused on my upper body.

I've only experienced overheating one other time in my life, but it was not while exercising. I was in Nashville at the CMA Music Fest, more commonly known as Fan Fair. It was a very hot day and I did not keep myself hydrated. I passed out on a concrete staircase and was transported to the First Aid tent, where I was covered in wet towels and cooled down with copious amounts of water. This was not the highlight of the trip, and I learned my lesson to always make sure I had something to drink.

I think this latest experience was that I pushed myself too hard on that kick-up exercise. I will have to plan more water breaks if the level of my exercising is going to increase.

To end on an good note, here's the lovely Delilah:

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