Thursday, February 25, 2010

Knitting Burns Calories, Too

I resumed knitting; I did a quick knitted cap since we are still experiencing lower-than-normal temperatures. The cap looks really good on Steve, but he's asleep right now so I can't get a picture of him wearing it. I'll post it later.

I started knitting a sweater wrap and was imagining that I could give it to my mother as a gift. I have not knitted cables in a while and so, I didn't refresh my memory before attempting it. Of course, I made a mistake on the first cable and now the sweater gathers at the bottom. Perhaps it is something I can fix when blocking the piece, but I really do not want to gift it when I know I screwed it up. The good news that I am still knitting it and I didn't just rip it all out. I liked the color more in the store than in the bright sunlight. The pattern is incredibly easy to memorize and the cable is really simple, even though I screwed it up the first time. I lost my cable needle and instead I'm just using one of my double-pointed needles.

Next week, Delilah has her vet appointment. And based on her attitude this morning after I trimmed her nails, she is going to be very mad at me on Monday. I have noticed that Delilah has modified her schedule over the past month. In the mornings, she is a very needy cat; she will talk to me until I sit on the couch, at which time she will jump on my lap and take nap. She does expect head rubs at this time as well. Delilah is very unusual cat because she does not meow. Her communication with us consists of trills and cries, which is common for Maine Coon cats. I am convinced that Delilah is a Maine Coon mix. Although she is not the right size for a Maine Coon (they tend to be large cats), she has the other features, such as the furry raccoon-like tail, the tufts of hair in her ears and between the pads on her paws, and her full and glossy coat. She's so pretty and she knows it. Just look at this photo of her looking out of the front window.

I am almost finished with the 30-Day Challenge (EA Sports Active for Wii). I plan to start a new 30-Day Challenge as soon as this one is completed; the new challenge will be on medium intensity. I'm working on low intensity because I am so out of shape. After I complete the 60 days, I will consider joining Steve on the Insanity workout. This workout DVD program is so intense and, currently, I do not have the stamina or the endurance to do it. This is such a rough program - even the people on the DVD who do the workout along with the instructor actually STOP doing to the exercises because of the intensity. It's funny to watch the program and see all of the participants in the back dropping like flies because they cannot keep up with the program. And believe me, these people are in seriously great shape. So roly-poly me does not really stand a chance without building up some time of stamina with "regular" exercises.

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