First Day of Cleaning Results in More Mess

My place is a mess. I'm not joking. There is crap everywhere, and my place is so small that I have nowhere to hide. I tried to start organizing but I'm just creating more mess as I go. I thought I would start in the bedroom closet but then I realized I needed to start with the miscellaneous papers and mail all over the place. I started to box up the CDs and DVDs that were in my bookcase (to make room for books and framed photos) but now I can't make room for those boxes! And to make it worse, I've got a sinking feeling that my landlord's foreclosure might start heating back up. My lease allows me an out for that but I don't want to move right now.

I'm done for today; I organized my knitting stash and the closet. I'll be taking a bag of clothes to the Salvation Army tomorrow and then I need to start cleaning.


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