Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Practical Knitting

After four attempts, I have mastered the knitted skull cap with stripes. Well, to fit MY head. I cannot guarantee that I can do it in one try for someone else with, perhaps, a more normal-sized head. Of course, I still find fault with this hat. I don't like the colors. I know, you are wondering why I would combine these yarns if I didn't like them. I will answer you. Because that is the yarn I have on hand. Not a glamorous answer, but the truth. And surprisingly, I am not sick of this pattern yet.

I am sidetracked at the moment because I'm knitting some dishcloths (cat-themed) right now. In fact, I'm knitting one dishcloth strictly from a chart, which has been incredibly challenging for me. I started knitting and got to about row 15 or so before I realized I was knitting part of the pattern backward. So I ripped out the rows (about 6 or so) and started again. The pattern is here. I'm slow going on this because there is no "knit x, purl y, knit x....." but instead just some colored squares. And because this is a knitted flat pattern, on the wrong side of the work, you have to reverse what is on the chart. Very confusing but if it comes out right, I will have a very cute dishcloth. If I want to knit this again, I might have to write out the pattern for a quicker knit for me.

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