Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hurray For Saturday

I'm so glad the weekend is here. Thursday and Friday were killer days at work; this is the first time I left at the end of month, unsure of what Monday will bring. I usually don't leave until every loose end is finished and there are no ambiguous closings. This month was different. I don't know what is done and what is not done. I guess I will see on Monday.

There was a neighborhood garage sale today in my subdivision. When I was younger, my mother and I used to visit garage sales and rummage sales. My father hated it - he really disliked us purchasing other people's garbage. He never saw the value in getting a deal, or in the old adage that one man's junk is another man's treasure. Also, perhaps he could not see the long-term benefit of a parent and a child spending time together. As simple as it sounds, I am glad I have those memories of me and my mom together, even though I am sure I was a reluctant companion to her on those trips. Mom and I don't share the same tastes in hidden treasures. I don't really appreciate knick-knacks; I'm more utilitarian and prefer items that can be used and are functional.

Today, I bought a purse (from China, the lady who sold it told me - she was upset when I offered her $3 for her $5-labeled person (from China, yeah I heard you the first time) and two CDs. Then, I saw this end table, which would go well next to my bed. Right now, I have nothing, and stuff just gets dropped on the floor. I have eyeglasses (my nighttime reading junk glasses), barrettes (getting in bed and I realize I have a barrette in my hair - on the floor), a couple of books, some clothes, a bottle of water. You get the picture. Okay, so I bought the end table for $9 (priced at $10 - savings of 10%). I proceeded to walk it about four houses down to my house. So I had a good morning.

I finished my "checkered cloth" project for knitting. My first completed item. (In knitting lingo, it's a FO for Finished Object). Here's the picture:

It's far from perfect - it should be a square dishcloth but it's not. I didn't bind off the edge like I should - I cheated and did the easiest bind instead of following my pattern. I think I have a couple of missed stitches and gaps, but overall it's a solid piece of work. I'm so excited to start something else. I think I'm going to try a scarf. I'm still working with just one color. I could re-try the dishcloth with two colors instead of the scarf. I think I want to go to the yarn store. Perhaps tomorrow.

I just watched Casablanca for the first time. It's my third Bogart picture (thanks to Netflix). I've seen The Big Sleep, The Maltese Falcon, and Casablanca. And I'm just amazed by the movies. Casablanca was every bit as good as I expected it to be, even knowing most of the lines through "Best Of" lists and it's constant reference in movies. The amazing thing about these movies is that they are so complex and yet simple at the same time. The movies feel mature and sophisticated compared to current cinema. However, they originate from a time where movie technology was so primitive (in comparison to today's movies). And to think about Bogart being such a huge box office movie star, when looking at him contemporarily, he seems so unsuitable. So I am reminded yet again that my first instinct is not always the one I should judge by.

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