Monday, July 17, 2006

Things I Won't Apologize for

1. Drama - As the one thing I got from my mother, it's a trait that some find annoying - recounting stories with overacting, hand gestures, pregnant pauses or facing a situation with exaggerated facial expressions and my loud voice. Sometimes I feel like my life has encouraged or attracted drama, but it comes pretty natural to me. My friend, Michele, calls me DM, not for my initials but for "Drama Mama".

2. My car - I've never been a huge fan of cars, they are transportation, a means to an end, that's all. But for a while, I had a strong desire to own a station wagon. You know, the Brady Bunch 70's-era station wagon. So when I bought a new car, I got the closest thing to it, but kind of cute and sporty - the Toyota Matrix. Oh, yeah, it's Japanese, too. No apologizing for that either.

3. My rules - I don't call boys; I don't care how childish it is. These rules are carefully crafted and drawn up by serious and insightful discussion between me and my friends after four or five Jagerbombs.

4. Being a know-it-all. If I state a fact, it's because I have real faith in it. I don't take risks, and I usually don't say stuff that I'm unsure of.

Next week, the things I will apologize's about 10 times as long. :)

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