Wednesday, August 2, 2006

The Cycle of a Relationship

As illustrated by me, the old lady of the house....

1) The Hookup - Those dotcoms, particularly Match and Eharmony can really open up your dating field, when you are done with the roommate's friend (who was never really that into you while you are passed out on the garage floor) or the ex-boyfriend (because you thought he still loved you but he's with someone else). First dates are fun because it's usually just coffee or ice cream, so passive and non-threatening, and you can be done within an hour.

2) The Follow-Up Dates - more pressure!!! You have to regularly dress up, shave your legs, wear makeup. Jeez! This is where the real work begins but the fun also starts here. How nice is it to walk around holding hands and "belonging" together. However, I long for the days when we reach the Comfort Zone, so I can take a break on doing my hair *every* *single* day.

3) Comfort Zone - Let's stay in and watch movies. Totally at ease and things come down from the peak of the dating period. I can eat my junk food in front of him, and not have to explain myself. Now I can stop being so damn nice and smiling all the time, which, of course, leads into....

4) You-Aren't-That-Cute-Anymore - At first, I made a slamming impression on the guy, so sweet and nice and fun-loving. But now that I have him in my clutches, I can show my true, and maybe not-always-so-nice attitude. Only the truly brave and noble will make it through, but here's a secret....I'm worth it.

This is where I live right now.....I can't predict the future but I can report later to tell you how things are progressing.

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