Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've been avoiding spending any money or making any big changes because I was sure that at any moment we would hear about our house.  Now, it seems inevitable that we will not get this house.  So, all of this waiting means we've gone four months without any real fun.  Now we have to plan to move to another apartment. I can't get another cat, even if I wanted one, because I'm back to being controlled by what my landlord would allow, instead of being a homeowner and making my own decisions.  My anger over this situation is directed at the people who contracted to sell me their house, only to break the terms by removing items when they moved out (the ceiling fans, window treatments and bathroom mirrors) and by refusing to make any progress with their short sale (as far as I know they haven't even submitted the correct paperwork).  Also, my realtor has been downright ineffectual about this.  I don't understand why I can't get a straight answer about the status of the short sale and why does she take the listing agent's vague answers as fact?  Seriously.  I don't get anyway with that wishy-washy stuff at work, and why should she?    Mr. Grumpbump and I would be so appreciative to get this house and we would take good care of it, instead of it just sitting empty and abandoned.  

Besides Mr. Grumpbump and the cats, the only thing making me happy and/or keeping me relaxed is my knitting.  I'm still working on the ripple afghan and I'm not sure if I will keep it when it is completed or if I will gift it.  I think the colors are too odd for me to gift it (a friend called it "retro" which I believe is code for "ugly"). I think I will take a break from it once it's done and perhaps start a pair of socks.  Or maybe I can have two projects at once, although I do find this to be a problem when knitting socks because they require me to be more organized.  This ripple pattern is so easy; I've already memorized it and I don't keep track of anything other than counting rows on the actual project.

I love this pattern
Mr. Grumpbump has to apply with a new company because this new company won the contract for the place he works.  We will know by July if they will keep him on as an employee.  Just another thing in our lives that we have to worry about.  We are feeling a bit beat down lately.  Things are tense because of our living situation, the uncertainty of Mr. G's job, and our inability to get on the same schedule.  Mr. G. and I never see each in a meaningful way.  He's either sleeping or I'm at work.  We really need an escape to be together, even for just a few days, to reconnect and feel better about our life.

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