Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Weekend Rules

I don't like commitments on the weekend. I'm very greedy when it comes to my time away from work. I feel like I need to protect my downtime from unnecessary stress or from being used for anything other than my happiness. Therefore, making plans for the weekend is serious business. But don't think that this means I make exotic or exciting plans; it just means that I'm really selfish with my time.

I met with a friend this weekend to help her out with some computer problems she was having. She repaid me by inviting me to stay for dinner, which was a delicious spanish meal of pink beans and rice and pork chops. She even packed up leftovers for me. I made tentative plans with her for future weekends, but she obviously doesn't know me well enough because who knows if I will deem it important enough in the future.

This desire and need to control my time is based on my current occupation, wherein I get absolutely no say in anything and random events and straight-up craziness rules what and when I do something.

This weekend I finished a new sock, which I made too big for me, which sucks because I think the colors are really cute. I have a bunch of new sock yarn, purchased from eBay. The sock fits a man's shoe size 9-1/2 (see the pictures below).

So I will knit the companion to this sock and pray I can convince my model to wear them in public.

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