Sunday, February 22, 2009

Equality in Knitting

I am a big proponent of fairness. Of course, holding onto this belief means I am so often disappointed or embittered. Nothing is fair; I just want it to be. Which leads me to my anger at this economy. Someone, some group, somebody is responsible for this downturn. And their greed, stupidity, or selfishness has directly affected me. I'm obviously not a employee who is a lifer. The longest job I had was immediately after I graduated from college. I worked for a law office in Lakeland for six years. Since then, I've changed jobs every three years. Of course, I have that itch to move jobs again, but circumstances dictate that I just sit still. So this is how I ended up lamenting the inequity of the recession.

I offset my troubles with my day job with my knitting. I'm still knitting novice and seek out beginner pieces, mostly patterns that are repetitious or easy to read. I finally broke down and bought some Lily's Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. There are a ton of patterns out there for this yarn, and I got a good deal at Michaels. Here's one of the dishcloths I made with it.

I've been working on a scarf (surprise! no, really?) in a lace pattern. This scarf will definitely need to be blocked because it's rolling in at the edges. The pattern repeats every four rows so I can do this practically with my eyes shut. A few mistakes here and there; but I like this because it's helped me to recognize new stitches.

I bought a lot of straight bamboo needles off of Ebay. The metal ones just don't hold the yarn well; it just slips off too easily. I also have a mishmash of circulars (only one of which is bamboo). I have one set of metal double-pointed needles. There is a sock tutorial online that many people recommend. After my scarf is done, I'm going to try it out. If I can learn socks, I might just quit my day job and become a professional sock knitter. Now that's what I call FAIR.

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passionknitone said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I haven't tried socks yet and would love to hear which tutorial you use and how it turns out. I love knitting washcloths too; yours looks great. Knitting small projects is such good therapy.

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