Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

Yesterday was such a pretty day. I took a walk over to the Publix shopping center and ate at the sushi restaurant next to the store. Sushi has easily become my favorite meal.

A close second is Vietnamese food. Unfortunately, there aren't any such restaurants in my neighborhood. The best places to go are downtown Orlando, which really aren't that far away (20 minutes or so). I dined at a downtown Vietnamese place with a friend last weekend. After lunch, we shopped at the asian supermarket, where I bought items for summer rolls. Next time I make the rolls, I'll photograph it and post it on the blog. So simple yet delicious.

We might still manage to have some cold weather this week, so I can wear my hat and scarf combination. The one problem with the hat is that my hair is so big and fluffy that the hat does not fit right on my noggin. I love knitting cables. I find them so easy and the result is something quite beautiful and it just looks like it was so complicated.

Yes, I'm knitting another scarf. This pattern is well-known on the internet but the yarn you are supposed to use is just way out of my price range. I settled on yarn lower on the cost scale, but it does not matter to me. I just wanted to see the pattern in real life. I love the way the stitching looks, and, when I'm done, I'm going to add fringe to each end. The pattern only consists of repeating the same two rows so once you have the hang of the stitches it goes quickly. However, this scarf will probably require some blocking, and I've never tried that before.

I am going over to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl. I'm not really interested in the game so we will probably just hang out and talk while the men watch the game. Please don't let me forget I have to bring paper plates.

Hope you are having a great Sunday too.

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