Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blog First, Title Last

My postings suffer because I focus on the title of the post; then I build some type of narrative around it. Because my mind is going so many different directions right now, I've decided to just start typing and the title will come to me.

Our office had a Christmas lunch at Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, where we celebrated with a buffet lunch and then we all went to see the exhibition called ICE. ICE is a collection of ice scupltures (in Florida, yes, ice is a big deal) with a Christmas theme. Outside of this exhibit is a collection of Florida county Christmas wreaths. I had to take a picture of my hometown, Polk County.

Then we venture into the exhibit (really you are just walking into a big freezer). The hotel provides you with a heavy-duty jacket but you supply anything more, such as mittens, hats, or scarves. I brought my knitted hat. The ice scupltures were very well crafted and the room with gigantic ice ornaments was cool (no pun intended).

One room had two or three slides crafted from ice. I had to try it, but I sucked at it - I didn't slide down very fast. Steve said I was out of practice. However, after 30 minutes, the atmosphere was no longer fun and I was just pretty damn cold standing around a bunch of ice cubes. So the nice man at the door let me out of the freezer and we went from 9 degrees to a humid 80 degrees.

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