What I Should Be Doing

Why is it that the most important things to be done, I can't find the focus or energy to accomplish them? Here's what I'm avoiding, and what I'm actually doing:

1. I have a test to study for. I have a very important-looking 500-page manual (which I love to carry around but never actually open) that can help me pass the test. Instead I opened up the good ol' laptop, and went right to myspace to post a blog about me not studying.

2. There is laundry to do. I folded some laundry this morning before I walked out and sadly, while I was at work, the magical laundry fairy did not show up and put it away. So disappointed was I in the magic fairy's failures, and confident that he will appear tomorrow, that I left the laundry for him.

3. I need to be exercising. This weighs heavily (pun intended) on my mind. I need more energy (so I can be studying and putting away laundry) and exercising is the key to that. However, it's 8:00 p.m. and Beauty and the Geek is on TV.

Okay, I'm signing off and getting out my highlighter.


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