Friday, October 11, 2013

The Ugly Baby

My super secret project is over.  And no longer super secret.  Why? Because the project is so ugly.  I am very disappointed in all aspects of this project.  The colors, while looking gorgeous wrapped up in skein, did not go well together.  On top of that mistake, the pattern I chose highlights the colors in all the wrong ways.  This project was intended to be a gift but now has forever home with me and the cats.

Then, a miracle happened.  Or maybe it is just the natural outcome of spending so much time with the project.  Like a mother who births a less-than-adorable baby, I started to love this ugly project.  

The colors are not well represented in this picture but even if they were it would not make this any better.  I have analyzed my choices and believe that this particular ripple pattern is appropriate with three colors or less.  

Remember, just like any good mother, I am allowed to describe my progeny (taking serious liberties with the definition) as ugly, less-than-perfect, or even hideous, but all others be warned should they voice the same opinion. 

My next lap afghan looks great on paper.  

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