Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ugly Business

We are supposed to close on our house in 9 days.  I am very pessimistic about this closing and I am sickened by how people in this business are treating me.  My realtor is basically a non-entity.  She didn't even find this house for us - Mr. Grumpbump is the one who found it on the internet.  The loan processor handling my loan is rude and bitchy and I don't know if the loan conditions are cleared.  And finally, the title company handling the transaction is, predictably, padding my side of the closing statement with junk fees.  I spent a lot of time on email and the phone yesterday arguing with the title company about these fees.  I can't believe that they are refusing to lower their fees in order to close the transaction.  Instead, they feel the need to argue with me about what they feel they deserve, even after I disclosed to them that I'm a very informed buyer and closing real estate transactions has been my job for the last seven years.

The end result is that I'm anxious, nervous, pissed off, and very insecure about this closing.  We are so close to owning this house that it feels very surreal.

No matter what happens we will be moving from our apartment by the end of the month.

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