Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Left vs. Right

I learned how to knit continental, thanks to another class hosted by Sip and Knit.  I asked Mr. Grumpbump tonight if he noticed I was knitting differently.  He was, of course, very confused because he does not make a practice of analyzing my knitting style.  So, I showed him that I could knit with (a) the working yarn in my right hand (English) and (b) the working yarn in my left hand (Continental).  Surprisingly, he was underwhelmed by my new skills.

I'm still working on the striped lap blanket; I've knitted about two-thirds of it.  The whole thing is the knit stitch, so it's the perfect project to practice my continental knitting.  I've not touched any other project, although the only other things on needles is a second sock (why are they soooo hard to finish?) and a dishcloth.  I've asked a friend at work to give me a good beginner crochet project for me, which I hope is not a dishcloth.

Mr. Grumpbump and I have made an offer on yet another house and it's a short sale.  So, we are in for three to six months of waiting for the seller's lender to approve the contract.  We are very hopeful for this house because it is in really good condition, with tile floors and travertine counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom.  Oh, yes, it also has a pool!

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