Saturday, May 29, 2010

When It Rains, I Knit

I've been busy lately.  I am working full-time and also took on a three-week part-time assignment transcribing podcasts.  In the middle of doing that, I got a call from my friend whose baby shower I attended last month.  She had her baby girl and we talked for a while about her birth (this was her first baby).  For my shower gift, I made a baby blanket, which my friend said she loves.  In fact, she loves it so much, she asked me to make another one!  So, today, I went to the store and purchased some more baby yarn.

Steve wanted to know why I couldn't use the yarn piled high in my yarn basket.  After rolling my eyes at him, I explained that I needed baby yarn, which I don't stockpile in my basket.  He reluctantly agreed that I should go purchase yarn for this project but made me swear not to buy any more yarn until I make a dent in my stash.  I promised him I would not, knowing that I had already ordered some more sock yarn from KnitPicks.  I'm going to start knitting socks again.

Hidden Treasures in this Stash?

Sock Yarn!!!

I'm still working on my sweater wrap; in fact, I just picked it up again after letting it sit for a while.  For simplicity, I've been working on generic dishcloths in my favorite go-to pattern.  I would link to the pattern but you have to register with site to see it.  The basics of the pattern are, starting with a cast-on of 39 stitches, you  knit the first row and then alternate rows are knit 1 and then knit 1 into the next stitch below.   It makes a great textured cloth.  I knit the pattern for 10 inches or so, and bind off.  For Mother's Day, I make three of these dishcloths (I called them washcloths) for my grandmother and they turned out very cute.

I've figured out a way to get Delilah to sit (willingly) in my lap - by getting out her brush.  She absolutely loves the way the brush feels on her forehead and cheeks and her chest.  Now that we are getting into the warm summer months, she is starting to shed much more.  When I run the brush over her back, it comes out full of hair.   I figure we need to brush her at least every two days to cut down on the shedding in the house and her hairballs.  

In case you forgot how cute she is, this a picture of Delilah from today, doing what she does best, sleeping.

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