I Didn't Understand the Instructions

My sock is so funny looking. Once I tried to knit the heel, I got everything confused. So I just kept knitting the best I could. The project closely resembles a sock, but the heel is so wrong that I chose not to document it. I have seams where there should not be seams, so wearing this sock for a prolonged time would probably not feel good. There will be no twin for this sock because even if I tried I could not recreate it due to the liberties I took with this one.

I have several knitting books, and I read them as carefully as I can. However, it seems that I don't really get what they are telling until after I've attempted the project. As soon as I finish my sock, I know I'll be able to go back and re-read my sock book and understand what the author was trying to tell me. Although I learn through reading, my knitting would not be as far along as it is if not for on-line video and practical application.

The shape of things to come


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