Saturday, January 10, 2009

The New Year

I was so sick over the holidays. It started on Christmas Eve with any irritated throat and within a few days I was in full flu-mode. The rest of the week I moved from the couch to the bed and back again. Now, considering that the apartment is pretty small, there was not much else for me to go. I did a lot of tv watching and sleeping. I didn't eat for four days - my throat was so closed up. I went to work on Monday the 29th, and much to my surprise, my office closed for the remainder of the week (with pay). So I got another six days to recover, which I needed.

No, I never went to the doctor. I realize this fact does not allow me much room to complain.

Since this is the new year, my resolution is to start bringing my lunch to work with me, so I can save a bit of money and also possibly help my waistline. Since I work in a small office, this plan either requires me to be a hard-nosed bitch when it comes to my co-workers, or to encourage them to participate. I thought I had accomplished the latter. However, this last week, we ordered out four of the five days. Only one of those days did I eat the tuna pasta salad I had prepared early in the week.

Speaking of this pasta salad, I made a ton of it! Unintentionally, of course. It's really not bad but guess what I had for lunch today. And I still have one tupperware container left. I'm thinking about sticking it in the oven, mix in some peas, put some cheese and crushed potato chips on top, and calling it tuna surprise.

I want to do something wild and fun this year. I think I've earned it. I can't exactly afford to do anything but I do have a credit card with a zero balance.....

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Anonymous said...

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