Saturday, November 8, 2008

In What Direction Am I Headed?

First, I have to express my gratitude for every morning because I certainly need the "do-over" each new day provides.

Some anonymous person made sure I was notified that my ex-boyfriend just had a baby with his girlfriend. Am I upset about it? Yes, to the extent that I wish had a family. I don't need him anymore; leaving him three years ago was my survival instinct kicking in. But the news of his new child, something I had failed at during our time together, was difficult to process. Not much can come of me reliving past mistakes (as I have so many new ones to contemplate), so I force it to the back of my thoughts, where it only shows itself in my dreams.

I'm moving. To a smaller place much closer to my current job. I should be settled in by the end of the month. I'm determined to get back to knitting; I still feel so green and I believe my work reflects it. There is a yarn store called Sip N Knit near my new home, and they have a Tuesday night meeting where you can sit with other knitters. In fact, one of the women I work with is a knitter and we both agreed to do this together. Although she has a family and she very rarely has free time outside of work due to all their activities.

I went to JoAnn's yesterday evening and bought another book - I'm enthralled with the pictures (it's bound with a spiral binding so it lies flat). I also bought some new yarn, even though I don't have any particular project in mind.

I've tried to keep my Facebook page current. Do I really require a blog and a Facebook presence? Probably not. I'm pretty boring. Perhaps the blog could use more pictures? Facebook has enough little gadgets in it that just a few clicks and things are updated. The blog is harder because what is the likelihood that someone will continue to stop by unless the content is interesting.

I'll try.

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kazzajoyce said...

Hello Florida,
Thanks for coming to visit me at my blog. Sometimes I wonder if people come and read (other than random family members).
I had a quick read of your blog (I am at work), and I love your turn of phrase, I often find my own blogging to be boring as I am not an interesting writer.
Will come back and read more later.