Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's the Economy, Stupid

Has the decline in the job market and the economy (seriously, $3.30 a gallon for gas???) made everyone a sourpuss? What happened to being happy for happiness' sake? Of course, this is quite ironic coming from a grumpbump like me. Sometimes I fancy myself an actress and in this way I find it quite easy to pretend to be sweet and happy-go-lucky. Ah, but when you get to know me, I become quite the grouch.

It's just an overall sense that I get when I'm out and about that people seem so self-involved. I blame the economy - as everyone pulls inward to protect themselves. I have so many friends that lost their jobs due to the real estate market slowdown. Businesses we were dealing with a year ago have shut their doors. I've never been caught in such a marketplace before; I've always felt protected from ups and downs of the economy. Not now. Every week at work, I hear a familiar tune about how lucky I am to have a paycheck. Really, it feels like an excuse to make me work even harder. My work ethic is just fine; I don't need some employer twisting head into making me think I'm not working hard enough. My allegiance lies with me first; and I'm not foolish enough to think that my employer has my best interests in mind when making decisions.

The recession talk in the media scares me; I do not feel prepared to face a financial crisis. I'd rather the marketplace correct itself sooner rather than later as I have been feeling the pinch since last year. Perhaps because I work in the mortgage industry, and the lending crisis has been happening for more than a year. It's only recently been getting so much bad press due to the presidential elections. I will do my part for the economy by spending my entire economic stimulus check when it comes in May. I'm hoping Best Buy will have some good deals during this time as I have my eye on a new tv. And I will be very personable to the Best Buy associate lucky enough to deal with me.

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